Web Dev

My biggest project is an on-line knowledge base that serves a parts supplier for a niche market.  You can search and reference thousands of products.  The site is secured for use by subscribers only.

The site is CSS-based using the 960 Grid system.  It’s valid XHTML and complies with Section 508 for accessibility (per CynthiaSays).

I’d like to bring your database to the web.  You can email me at themanthursday at g-willikers-mail.com (omit willikers), or leave a comment.

Click on images for a better view.

A search by Category. Products are further sorted by sub-category (high-lighted).
sparts screen shot 1 a

Product images are available for better viewing.
sparts screen shot 1 b

A search by Category, with a text search”56″ added. You can see “56″ in some of the descriptions.  For some of these results, “56′ has been found elsewhere.
sparts screen shot 1 c

We’d like to know why this product #1111014 was included in the results, so we view the details.
sparts screen shot 2 a

Scrolling down, we discover why a search for “56″ included this product — it’s because some suppliers included that as relevant information in their own description.  There are over 25,000 products with supplier PNs.
sparts screen shot 2 b

Notice a cross-reference for substitute products — viable alternatives that have a “match” rating to indicate the degree of compatibility.  These are hyperlinks, so you can view their details from here.  Over 1,500 substitutes are cited.
sparts screen shot 2 cNotice the technical specifications, which are always particular to the Category.

Supporting documents in PDF format are also available — wiring diagrams, user manuals, etc.
sparts screen shot 2 d

With the right authorization level, users can view more information and enter a comment if needed.
sparts screen shot 2 e

Finally, here is a set of results from a search with multiple Categories selected as well as a text entry.
sparts screen shot 3 a